Imagine a beautiful blonde with elegant shapely long legs in exquisite lingerie walking towards you. My big ocean blue eyes and genuine bright smile light up the room. Skin that's luxuriously soft, begging to be touched. You breathe in my intoxicating sweet scent. Entwining our bodies into a new meaning of intimacy.

I'm 2nd Generation Australian with German/Norwegian Heritage. I love making people happy and I especially love seeing a face awash with exquisite pleasure. My life philosophy is to always be kind and try to make other's lives brighter. We only get one life (as far as we know), let's lose ourselves and greet every experience with both hands, minds, and eyes open.

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A date at a beautiful restaurant followed by some delicious desert is my favourite way to get to know you. To slow down and really enjoy each other in an elegant setting as our time together is precious. Date-like encounters are preferred so we can become friends as well as lovers. However, if you require more discretion I'm happy to oblige.

I am universally and university educated, extensively travelled, love music and theatre. I delight in intellectual intercourse and have a cheeky sense of humour.

Sasha in undies

100% all natural body and a bare canvas of silky soft skin. My body can move in rhythm and harmony. Horse rider, street Latin ballroom dancer, and I'm a dynamic rock climber.

Indulge in an sensual, organic sexual experience that will stay in your head for weeks.

To sum it all up: I'm the perfect date, friend, wife ... of your dreams.

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